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Pop Physique San Marino offers affordable and inclusive fitness classes for all levels. Everybody and every body is welcome anytime, all the time. We have full body workout classes that use isometric movements, which are highly effective at strengthening muscle tissue and result in more defined muscles. Pop Physique Classes provide results that are unparalleled. Virtual and Studio Classes offered including Barre and Mat Pilates. Since its inception, Pop Physique has always been more than a workout – it's a lifestyle brand.

Currently Offering:

Pop Online Classes - Live or on-demand classes available daily! Take class anywhere, anytime! Everyone signed up will receive the link to join live class and if you cannot attend at class time, still sign up to receive the recorded class. You have 24 hours to take the class, anywhere! All levels welcome! Minimal equipment needed. 

Pop @ Studio Classes - safe, studio Pop Sculpt classes. Online registration is required to attend. Class takes place in the studio. Each client has an individual station with clean & disinfected weights, mat, & Pop Pink Ball. We have small classes for adequate distancing between participants. All levels welcome!

Private Pop Pods - private, safe, studio or open-air workouts with your pod. You decide the participants and we provide the workout.

Online Private Group Class - Create something memorable with your employees, family and/or friends with a private 60 Min virtual experience. Great for all fitness levels. 


Pop Sculpt, Yoga, Mat Pilates

Virtual and Studio



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Our clients can expect to get:
~ Well rounded full body workouts.
~ A more sculpted physique with improved posture and flexibility.
~ Increased abdominal strength and tone.
~ Increased body awareness.

Take class 3-4 times a week and you will feel and see visible results in six weeks or less.

Results include long, lean muscles, flat abs and a tight bum.

Pop Physique increases your metabolic rate and each class can burn over 500 calories.

It is safe to do more often and highly addictive!

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